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Montlake Bicycle Shop has been serving the bicycling community for 30 years.

I learned about the bicycle business in Urbana, Illinois. I was Paul Nicholson's first employee at his small bike shop in the 1970's. It was not a very conventional business. You could say Paul's Bike Shop was a throwback to a pre-corporate style of retail store, and at the same time he was definitely way ahead of his time. With just two of us working, and with both of us in graduate school, there were only so many customers that we could help each day. Therefore Paul established a rule: we were not to sell more than four bikes per week. Over twenty five years before bike fitting became the buzz word in bike stores nationwide, Paul wanted to make sure we had time to properly set up each Motobecane, Mercian and Austro-Daimler 10 speed that we sold. He insisted that the bike fit each customer to give them the most comfortable and efficient ride.

In 1980 my wife, Mary, and I left Illinois and went on a bicycle camping trip from Scotland to Sicily, and then moved to Seattle to look for a spot to open our new bicycle store. Like Paul I started the store as small as could be, with no employees. Over the years Montlake Bicycle Shop has gradually grown to become a medium size store with an outstanding staff and a full spectrum of products and services. The equipment that we sell has changed enormously since the '70s, but the way my staff and I do business is not much different from how Paul and I operated. We do the very best job we can to see that each customer's bike suits their needs functionally, works properly and fits comfortably. More than anything we try to help you enjoy bike riding as much as we always have.

- Neil Wechsler
Owner of Montlake Bicycle Shop

Neil and his niece Dori, in front of Montlake Bicycle Shop in 1981.

Montlake Bicycle Shop Employees

Patrick Monteith
Senior Buyer
Joined MBS Feb 2008

When I saw E.T. for the first time, I became completely inseparable from my bike. I rode my bmx everywhere I needed to go. I helped organize grassroots bmx races and dirt jump competitions in the rural areas around Houston. From an early age, it was obvious that I loved riding bikes and challenging myself. This affinity has never dwindled. In more recent years, I found a hobby in restoring old bikes. Now, I spend a good deal of my free time participating in various forms of competitive cycling as well as learning about bicycles and the industry. For me, bicycles represent a solution and a great form of personal freedom.

I'll ride my bike until I drop dead.

Gary TeGantvoort
Store Manager
Joined MBS May 1998

I started riding bikes at 4 years old and have loved the sport ever since. In 7th grade I followed a local bike shop manager for my "job shadow," an event where you follow someone through their work day in a profession you want to do. Many years later I now manage the best bike shop in Seattle. I raced BMX for many years and traveled the country going to national races with my dad. In 1998 I began working at Montlake Bicycle Shop. I soon started to ride mountain and road bikes. I have since pushed myself to do all types of cycling: BMX, mountain, road, trials, dirt jumping, polo and racing cyclocross. I currently can be found jumping at Greenlake, riding through the many mountain trails in the NW and elsewhere, commuting through Seattle, touring on my trusty Giant, riding anywhere and time I can.

I have held every position at MBS: grunt, bike builder, mechanic, sales, service manager, certified bike fitter and store manager. As a SICI and Trek certified bicycle fitter, I help people enjoy cycling more than ever thought possible. My goal as a fit specialist is to make the athlete more comfortable, more efficient, and ready to take on new cycling challenges. Through interviews, on bike adjustments and a little coaching I can get you the most out of every pedal stroke. There are few things more satisfying to me than getting someone to enjoy our sport more!


Ben Boyce
Store Manager
Joined MBS July 2005

I grew up in the Great Plains of Southern Michigan where the greatest challenges of a bike ride are headwinds and dog attacks. Riding bikes around Seattle certainly poses different challenges, but, nonetheless, I consider time spent pedaling in the Northwest as time well spent.

I enjoy coming to work at Montlake Bicycle Shop for the opportunity to talk to our customers about why they love to ride bikes, and to make sure they can keep riding with help from our high-quality service staff and experienced bicycle fitters. It is the best when I can share my joy of riding bikes with others.

Outside of the shop I can be found on my 42-pound ZasTruck hauling groceries, or on my refurbished ‘84 Goose that I bought from my cousin for $40 (thanks, Mikey!), or on a wide range of sweet single-speeds (slicks and knobbies), or, more likely, cleaning all of these bikes!

Lauren Hilty



Michael Allen
Joined MBS July 2010

I grew up in an Oregon suburb where for years I was completely dependent on cars for transportation. I graduated high school, inherited an old frame from my dad, and have used pedal power to get around ever since.

Since 2010 I've worked in sales and service at Montlake Bicycle Shop where I am the senior tall-bike test rider. When not biking I can be found studying maps, playing folk guitar, and frequenting taco trucks.


Michael Allen

Carolyn Eaton
Joined MBS Aug 2008

Growing up in Seattle bikes have always been a part of my life.  My parents didn’t have a car for most of my childhood and I spent a lot of time in the child seat on the back of my dad’s bike. As I got older bicycling continued to be the most logical way to get around. Today I can be found commuting to work or just heading out for a weekend spin.



Rob Van Wyk
Joined MBS March 1996

Then and now, I am thankful for the break given to me as a very green but enthusiastic bicyclist. Starting at the Bellevue Montlake Bicycle Shop was a great opportunity to learn. Having been an avid mountain biker and bicycle tourer I brought some practical experience but have most enjoyed investing time in the technical and mechanical aspects of bicycles.

Eighteen years later I have made the rounds of MBS locations, five in total. Now in the Seattle store as a Monday through Friday Service Tech I may be my happiest. Being able to provide a commuter with a safe and reliable ride or a mountain biker with a refreshed suspension system is satisfying. I do believe this quality and service oriented view is shared by my co-workers and am certain it is one of the reasons I have stayed with Montlake Bicycle Shop.

James Stroud
Joined MBS July 2013

Like many I began riding at a young age in my driveway, with my father giving me a firm push, yelling "Pedal! Pedal!", and finally running after me when my knees bit the gravel. Aside from growing up and moving from the Cascades to the city, not much has changed. I am no stranger to road rash and taco'd wheels and my coworkers will confirm I could use some practice keeping the rubber side down. Bumps and scrapes aside, my love for cycling never waivers.

I've spent many years riding my bike, but the passion I have for bicycles was sparked in 2011 when I began delivering sandwiches full time by bike here in Seattle, frequently in 10 hour shifts. I quickly learned how much fun it was to ride hard, get in really great shape, and move through the city so much faster than everyone else. With the volume of riding I was doing, 150+ miles per week, I also learned the amount of wear and tear a bike goes through. The desire to fix and maintain my own bike soon followed, as did upgrading and purchasing more bikes. You'll never guess where all my money goes. Naturally MBS was my go to destination to get the parts and know-how I needed. Today, I spend about the same amount of time in the shop as when I was a customer , but now I'm fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with the great staff here at Montlake Bicycle. When I'm not at the shop you can find me tearing it up on the cyclocross course as well as the streets of Seattle.

Adam Deemer
Joined MBS May 2013

I enjoy riding bicycles very much.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Montlake Bicycles.  While most of my coworkers are much more experienced than myself, I am happy learning more and more every day.  I've been in the bicycle industry for 15 years.

Aaron Grant
Joined MBS June 2007

Cycling provides me with a sense of freedom and personal power unlike anything else out there. For no dollars, I can walk outside throw a leg over my bike and be on my way to some sort of adventure. I grew up on the north side of Lake Washington in Kirkland and have been riding bikes to work and school ever since fourth grade, when they started letting us ride to school. My very first bike just whet my appetite and now you can see me playing bicycle polo on Capitol Hill, hitting the mountain bike trails on the I-90 corridor, racing around the dirt with my 'cross bike or spinning down the road on one of my skinny tire bicycles.

I have also spent time furthering my knowledge of the body/bike interface by completing the Serotta International Cycling Institute bicycle fit program. With the additional knowledge of how the body works in tandem with a bicycle, I was granted a whole new perspective of bicycles and their riders and how they work together.

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