I love My Bike

At Montlake Bicycle Shop we truly enjoy choosing the bikes that we stock and build to show you. We have access to so many of the world's best brands that we choose a wonderful selection of models that makes it possible for you to find the bike of your dreams. We have bicycles from tiny companies like Gunnar, Ridley and Brompton, and big companies like Giant and Cannondale (and many in between). We offer over one hundred different models - each specifically chosen because we believe it offers the best value based upon that style of bike. Each rider has particular interests and needs, and we are confident that we can help you find your own dream bike.

Bicycle technology is constantly changing, sometimes improving dramatically for particular applications. We offer the most exciting and innovative new models from our many manufacturers. Sometimes these new models provide little more than cosmetic updates from previous years successful models. In this case, we often continue to buy the older models when available because it makes possible to offer you a better price on a bike that is right for you. Stop by either location to have a test ride today!

- Neil Wechsler

New Bicycle Services

We are pleased to offer our new bike customers these special services in addition to any applicable manufacturer’s warranty. These services are available at either of our locations. Any repair work that is not performed at Montlake Bicycle Shop may void portions of this offer. These services apply only to the original owner and bicycle, and are not transferable.


Blue Ribbon Service Plan

These services include:

  • 200 mile performance adjustment free of charge (within first 90 days)
  • Free new bike follow-up adjustments for one year (repair due to accidental damage will incur normal labor charges)
  • Complimentary chain wear check for the life of your bike
  • Free admission to one of our bicycle maintenance classes, please sign up in advance to participate in a class
  • 50% labor discount on customization and accessory installation at time of bicycle purchase
  • 90 day stem exchange privilege with 50% discount on parts and labor
  • One year free labor on flat tire repairs
  • One year free labor for all repairs covered by manufacturer's warranty


Montlake Bicycles Basic Maintenance Class

Montlake Bicycle Shop wants you to get the most out or your new bike. We invite you to attend our Basic Maintenance Class where we cover the basics of using and maintaining your bike, unlike many others classes available this will be a hands-on experience where you will leave feeling confident that you can:

  • Fix a flat tire
  • Make routine adjustment to brakes and derailleurs
  • Clean and lubricate chain

Class sizes are always kept small so that we can address your individual needs. Schedules change seasonally, call or visit to sign up for a class.

This class is free with the purchase of a bike or $25.00 without the purchase of a bike.


Bicycle Warranty

Your bicycle may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and construction. The warranty is to the original owner only. Most components are covered for one year from the date of purchase. Your frame may be covered for five years or longer. There are restrictions and exceptions, please see your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for more specifics.

Montlake Bicycle Shop is responsible for the initial assembly and adjustment of your bicycle. We provide a free 200 mile performance adjustment of your bicycle; please bring your bicycle in for that service. Proper functioning of your bicycle requires readjustment after this break-in period. Damage caused by abuse, neglect or impacts is not covered by warranty. Riding under wet, muddy or rough conditions will increase the maintenance needs of the bicycle.


A few Safety Tips

  • Bicycle safety is more than anything a matter of cautious riding. Riding faster than is appropriate for your skills and the prevailing conditions can lead to accident and injury. If you don’t feel in control of the bike your probably are not.
  • Get a helmet that fits comfortably and securely and always wear it when riding. Helmet use is mandated by law in Washington State. Cycling gloves are also very helpful protection.
  • Never use the front (left) brake by itself. Use both brakes at the same time for the maximum control.
  • After dark always use a good headlight and full reflectors, as required by law. A flashing red tail light is also strongly recommended
  • If your new bicycle has toe clips or clipless pedal bindings that you are not experienced with, get specific instructions on their use. First practice entering from the pedals in a stationary mode, then on the road with no traffic. Don't ride in traffic until you are confident in your ability to easily and quickly release form the pedals.
  • Ride with extra caution in the rain. Your brakes will be less effective and your tires will have less traction.
  • It is always dangerous to ride when there is any ice on the street.
  • Make sure you have been instructed in the proper operation of the hub quick release skewer before you take the wheel off and reinstall it.
  • Try to stay in tune with your bicycle. If anything seems loose or is malfunctioning have the problem addressed before you ride it further.
  • Please read you bicycle owner's manual for further safety information.