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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

We began to carry Santa Cruz bikes ten years ago because of a bike we heard about called the Heckler. Apparently, this offshoot of my favorite skate board company as a kid had found the holy grail of pivot placement for single pivot bikes. By the time we got our hands on one they were calling it the Superlight, and with its light weight and great pedaling, we all agreed that it was pretty Super.

In 2002, Santa Cruz introduced a multi link suspension called Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) that revolutionized full suspension bikes. The Blur, with four inches of travel, became our best selling mountain bike overnight. This model was so popular that some of our customers waited 8 months to get one!.

Today Santa Cruz offers VPP and single pivot bikes to fit all riding styles and most budgets. We have more different models, sizes, and colors of Santa Cruz in stock for you to try than you are likely to see any place else. You can buy one right off the floor today, or we can work with you to build your custom built dream bike.

Highball Bike


$3200 now $2499

There are still those times and places where the best way to light the fuse and blow everyone else into the weeds is by riding a hardtail. Bigger wheels have revived the venerable double diamond design, and by mixing the smooth rolling hoops with a feathery 2.4-pound carbon fiber frame, we've come up with a potent race weapon. The Highball is insanely light, razor sharp, nimble but surefooted, stiff as a plank, and designed to do two things: 1. Race. 2. Win.

XL only.



Many Santa Cruz Models Now on Sale!

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