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Gary TeGantvort wearing a helmet and riding a wheelie down the Lynn Street sidewalk next to the Mountlake Bicycle Shop.

Gary TeGantvort
Co-Owner & Sales Manager

I started riding bikes at 4 years old and have loved the sport ever since. In 7th grade I followed a local bike shop manager for my “job shadow,” an event where you follow someone through their work day in a profession you want to be in. Many years later I now co own and manage the best bike shop in Seattle. I raced BMX for many years and traveled the country going to national races with my dad. In 1998 I began working at Montlake Bicycle Shop. I soon started to ride mountain and road bikes. I have since pushed myself to do all types of cycling: BMX, mountain, road, trials, dirt jumping, racing cyclocross and touring all over the world.

I have held every position at MBS: grunt, bike builder, mechanic, sales, service manager, certified bike fitter and store manager and now co owner. As a SICI and Trek certified bicycle fitter, I help people enjoy cycling more than ever thought possible. My goal as a fit specialist is to make the athlete more comfortable, more efficient, and ready to take on new cycling challenges. Through interviews, on bike adjustments and a little coaching I can get you the most out of every pedal stroke. There are few things more satisfying to me than getting someone to enjoy our sport more!