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mountain biker hits table top jump
mountain bike racer rides berm

 PNW MTB news and notes

Seattle's Colonnade scheduled tune-up

Liz Lunderman of Evergreen MTB Alliance has a blog sharing some exciting news for the Colonnade.

Here's the TL: DR

  • The Colonnade was a volunteer-driven project that jumpstarted mountain biking and public land use. 
  • The creation of Duthie Hill in Issaquah better matched what riders wanted from trails, and the Colonnade saw less use.
  • Scheduled for 2023, a redesign focused on progression will begin a the Colonnade.
  • A mixed-use paved pump track will be the main feature providing a space for skaters, BMX, and rollerbladers to work on skills alongside MTB riders. 

Liz's article is super accessible and worth a read. Check it out at the link below.

(Photo borrowed from Trailforks.)

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Evergreen skills classes through October

Speaking of Evergreen (Mountain Bike Alliance.) Did you know they offer a variety of skills classes taught by certified instructors? Some example classes are "technical descending," "MTB foundations," and "Intro to freeride."

The MTB foundations class is also offered in intermediate and includes co-ed and women's only classes. Kids classes are available as well!

Hit the link below to learn more.

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Where we ridin'

A few of us drove east for an overnight trip where the weather was warm two weeks ago. Now it's going to be warm everywhere as summer has finally arrived. So get out on your bikes and enjoy this weather.

Look at Rob cruising down this very steep rock slab. He's a natural!

Local resource shoutout: Fluidride MTB Clinics

Fluidride has been honing its teaching method for over 25 years. What they have is a full-on method to help all levels of riders improve. Group classes, private classes, and online instruction are all available. Check out their wide array of classes at the link below.

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Rob says keep riding