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Something new (for us) 

Montlake is joining the rest of the world in 2022 and fully embracing the digital age. What does that mean? Well, essentially, we're starting a blog, but our vision is for it to be more than that. We want to be a trusted resource for our online community and provide the content you value.

We're starting with a subject near and dear to many at Montlake, riding mountain bikes in the PNW. So, for now, we're calling it the "mountain bike resource page," and we're excited to see where it goes.

Around This Time Last Year 

Rob was getting sendy on Xanadu, March 28th, 2021. Note the snow-capped mountains in the background. There was snow on the road, so Rob wisely parked low. 

Shortly after parking, we pedaled by some fake hill billies who had gotten their rig stuck on the side of the road. Don't worry. They got out eventually.

Rogue Valley Enduro 6/25-6/26

The two races of the year are in the books. Looks like they had better weather for the Raging enduro than they had in April.  Race 3 of the Cascadia Dirt Cup will be held in Asland OR. 

Check the link below for more details.

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Tiger MTN Introverts Wanted

Paul Martin is building an army of riders that are skilled enough to confidently lend a hand with basic trail maintenance. Will you join him? 

Click the link below for more details on how you can help maintain our beautiful trails!

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Race Cascadia: Work Eat Shred

Looking for an opportunity to help maintain the trails you love? Well look no further partner, the Race Cascadia Work Eat Shred tour is making the rounds to a trail network near you. Each work party gives you a chance to leave your mark.

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Local Resource Shoutout: French Lines MTB Coaching

Romain Bonnadrel wants to make you fast on your MTB. He's a PMBIA certified instructor offering mountain bike lessons for a very fair price. Check him out on Instagram at the link below.  

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Has mud season arrived?

The snow may be on its way out but there's still plenty of water in the ground. Now is the perfect time to think about some seasonal rubber for your MTB. 

A tire like the Maxxis Shorty is a great option. The well-spaced tread pattern sheds mud like no other making it the perfect tire for spring riding in the PNW.

Check out this video from Maxxis of Sam Blenkinsop taking on winter conditions in New Zealand.  Look how the Shorty tosses mud with reckless abandon.