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Brompton M-Bar 6spd w/ Fenders

Brompton M-Bar 6spd w/ Fenders
  • Main Color: Black
  • Main Color: Red
  • Main Color: Racing Green
  • Main Color: Lagoon Blue
  • Main Color: Lime Green
  • Main Color: Tempest Blue
  • Main Color: Hot Pink
  • Main Color: Papyrus White
  • Main Color: Raw Lacquer
  • Main Color: Flame Lacquer
  • Main Color: Purple Metallic
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Built by hand in London since 1976, the Brompton is simple fun, agile adventure, stylish mobility, and potent portability all folded up into one extremely versatile bike. Explore the city from a comfortable, upright position as the steel frame and 16-inch aluminum wheels whisk you away to new experiences. Need to hop on a bus or the train? No problem. Bask in the freedom of truly multi-modal transportation, and in seconds, fold your Brompton into a suitcase-sized, easy-to-carry package, bring it aboard, and unfold it at your destination to continue your two-wheeled journey.

The M6L model features a pair of M-model handlebars, a 6-speed internally geared rear hub, and Brompton's L configuration, which includes front and rear fenders.

From there, your upgrade options are as endless as the possibilities of the locales you travel to: a titanium fork and rear stays for a lower weight; easier gearing for hills; racks and fenders for all-weather riding; handlebar options for a more upright or sporty position; a Brooks B17 saddle; dynamo hub lighting systems; or Schwalbe tires for extra puncture protection. If you're in it for the long haul, you can also deck your ride out in Brompton bags and tour the countryside. A Brompton can take you everywhere, and thanks to the bike's highly compact form when folded, you can take it just about anywhere, too!

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Black / Black
Black / Red
Black / Racing Green
Black / Lagoon Blue
Black / Lime Green
Black / Tempest Blue
Black / Hot Pink
Black / Papyrus White
Gray / Black 210000063020 63020
Red / Black
Red / Red
Red / Racing Green
Red / Lagoon Blue
Red / Lime Green
Red / Tempest Blue
Red / Hot Pink
Red / Papyrus White
Orange / Black 210000057514 57514
Orange / Red
Orange / Racing Green
Orange / Lagoon Blue
Orange / Lime Green
Orange / Tempest Blue
Orange / Hot Pink
Orange / Papyrus White
Orange / Raw Lacquer
Orange / Flame Lacquer
Orange / Purple Metallic
Racing Green / Black
Racing Green / Red
Racing Green / Racing Green
Racing Green / Lagoon Blue
Racing Green / Lime Green
Racing Green / Tempest Blue
Racing Green / Hot Pink
Racing Green / Papyrus White
Lagoon Blue / Black
Lagoon Blue / Red
Lagoon Blue / Racing Green
Lagoon Blue / Lagoon Blue 210000052825 52825
Lagoon Blue / Lime Green
Lagoon Blue / Tempest Blue
Lagoon Blue / Hot Pink
Lagoon Blue / Papyrus White
Lime Green / Black
Lime Green / Red
Lime Green / Racing Green
Lime Green / Lagoon Blue
Lime Green / Lime Green 210000058069 58069
Lime Green / Tempest Blue
Lime Green / Hot Pink
Lime Green / Papyrus White
Tempest Blue / Red
Tempest Blue / Racing Green
Tempest Blue / Lagoon Blue
Tempest Blue / Lime Green
Tempest Blue / Tempest Blue
Tempest Blue / Hot Pink
Tempest Blue / Papyrus White
Hot Pink / Black 210000063957 63957
Hot Pink / Red
Hot Pink / Racing Green
Hot Pink / Lagoon Blue 210000064175 64175
Hot Pink / Lime Green 210000064177 64177
Hot Pink / Tempest Blue
Hot Pink / Hot Pink
Hot Pink / Papyrus White
Papyrus White / Black
Papyrus White / Red
Papyrus White / Racing Green
Papyrus White / Lagoon Blue
Papyrus White / Lime Green
Papyrus White / Tempest Blue
Papyrus White / Hot Pink
Papyrus White / Papyrus White 210000063961 63961
Raw Lacquer / Raw Lacquer 210000055886 55886
Flame Lacquer / Flame Lacquer
Purple Metallic / Purple Metallic 210000063959 63959