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Montlake's top 5 gravel bikes for 2023

Picking up a gravel bike opens a whole new world of exploration and adventure for riders. The allure of traversing untamed paths and immersing oneself in nature's wonders has captivated enthusiasts across the PNW and beyond.

Let's review our preferred models, breaking  them down so you can select the right bike for your next gravel adventure.

Best value women's - Liv Devote  

The Liv Devote Advanced 2 offers exceptional value as a gravel bike due to its impressive features at an affordable price point.

The carbon frame provides a lightweight and responsive platform, enhancing overall performance, efficiency, and comfort. The inclusion of Shimano GRX 810 components further adds to its value, as these high-quality parts are typically found on more expensive bikes.

With the Liv Devote Advanced 2, riders can enjoy the benefits of a carbon frame and top-notch Shimano components without breaking the bank, making it an excellent choice for gravel enthusiasts seeking great value.

Best value men's - Giant Revolt  

Insert the previous paragraph on the Devote for Giant's Revolt. This bike has the same components but it's geometry is suited for the male anatomy.

The Giant Revolt Advanced 2 is the perfect choice for gravel enthusiasts who prioritize value, delivering a high-quality ride without compromising on their budget.

Rough terrain - Salsa Journeyer  

The Salsa Journeyer GX 810 stands out as the ultimate bike for bikepacking and rough terrain adventures.

Its wide tire clearance allows riders to conquer various surfaces with confidence, providing stability and traction on gravel roads, rocky trails, and everything in between. With abundant mounting points, this bike offers ample space to attach racks, bags, and other gear, ensuring efficient and organized bikepacking setups.

The Journeyer's comfortable geometry strikes a perfect balance between endurance and agility, allowing riders to tackle long distances comfortably while still maintaining responsiveness for maneuvering through challenging terrain.

When it comes to bikepacking and conquering rough terrain, the Salsa Journeyer GX 810 excels in providing the versatility, stability, and comfort that adventurers seek.

Versatility - Salsa Warbird  

The Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 is a remarkably versatile bike. With its racing geometry and wide tire clearance, this bike is fast and excels on various terrains . 

Its lightweight carbon frame and reliable GRX 810 drivetrain provide exceptional performance and efficiency.

What sets the Warbird C apart is its remarkable bike packing capability. It has all the mounts you need to effortlessly carry your gear for long-distance touring or multi-day bikepacking trips.

Whether you're a competitive racer or an adventurous explorer, the Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 is a versatile powerhouse that can conquer any challenge you throw at it.

Performance - Specialized Diverge  

The Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon is a top-of-the-line bicycle designed for riders who demand high performance and versatility. Equipped with cutting-edge components, such as the SRAM AXS electronic drivetrain, this bike offers precise and seamless shifting for optimal efficiency and speed.

Low gearing through SRAM's Eagle cassette, allows riders to effortlessly tackle steep climbs and challenging terrains with ease. With a wider range of gears at their disposal, cyclists can maintain a comfortable cadence and conquer any ascent..

Whether you're pushing the limits on a race or embarking on epic adventures, the Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon is built to excel, providing a thrilling and exhilarating ride every time.

Thank you for exploring our bike shop's overview of the top gravel bikes for 2023. These exceptional models represent the best options for  for off-road capability, performance, versatility,  comfort, and value.

Visit our shop and let our expert staff assist you in finding the gravel bike that suits your needs and unlocks endless adventures on any terrain.