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Photo of Patrick Montheith holding his Weiner dog Frankie out the front window the the Mountlake Bicycle Shop. Below the window is a double sided bike at the Montlake Bicycle Shop sign.

Montlake Bicycle Shop was founded in 1980 as a one-man operation by Neil Wechsler with the goal of earning a living by helping the people of Seattle use and enjoy bicycles as often as possible.

By 1983 the business exceeded the capacity of our old location which prompted us to move across the street to our current location. As the momentum behind the mountain bike scene grew, our business expanded to cater to our customers' needs. It wasn't just "10 speed" bicycles anymore. Over the years the bicycle industry evolved rapidly and the technology behind it followed suit; we strived to remain ahead of the curve and meet the demands of the industry. However, throughout the years our commitment to provide the best possible service to every cyclist that walks through our doors has remained unwavered.

Even though the iterations of bicycles has rapidly evolved and the technology with it, some things have not changed. In fact, they are just as important today as they were in 1980. We want you to have a bike that you love, and is appropriately matched to your needs, comfort-level and lifestyle. We always appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions, supply your needs and keep your bicycle running as if it were new.

In 2019 Neil sold the majority of Montlake Bike Shop to his long time managers; Carolyn Eaton, Adam Deemer and Gary TeGantvoort. Though the ownership has changed we plan to continue the efforts Montlake Bike Shop originally set off to accomplish - keep people riding bicycles.